La Table de Montaigne Gourmet Restaurant in Bordeaux

We will be delighted to serve you dinner from Thursday to Saturday from 7:30 PM to 10 PM.

Reserve by calling 05 57 08 01 27

Distinguished gourmet restaurant in the heart of Bordeaux

 The arrival of Chef Younesse Bouakkaoui has ignited the vision to elevate the restaurant La Table de Montaigne to great culinary heights.

His vision is based on poetic cuisine with significant French cuisine influence. Gourmet cuisine that is respectful of ingredients and the traditional dishes of its heritage, but which has successfully seduced the most discerning palates across the globe. He aims to offer a very personal interpretation of this cuisine, enabling us to experience the delicacy of flavors and the finesse of colors as they evolve through the seasons.

Their desire to transform the restaurant La Table de Montaigne into a point of reference for the gastronomy of the Bordeaux region is evident in the delight they take in sharing their passion and skill with their teams.

This highly-skilled partnership offers much more than a culinary experience through combining dishes and wines. It is the promise of a moment of intense emotion.

Your gourmet restaurant in Bordeaux, La Table de Montaigne, seats 25 diners and is open to all for dinner from Thursday to Saturday